Todd Zaugg

Author, Trainer, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Todd has been recently published in Forbes for his insights on sales leadership:   5 Sales Leadership Tips That Help Inspire People To Drive Results

He is the author of the best-selling book: Warrior SALES Monk. The research basis of the book was from over 11, 000 sales representatives and 1,000 top performers.

Todd has held strategic leadership positions in Fortune 500 as well as early stage companies.

Since 2001, Todd has been the founder and principal of Matrix Achievement Group, LLC.  Matrix is boutique global sales force development firm that provides consulting, training, coaching and technology solutions by leveraging the collaborative effort of former sales executives, subject matter experts, adult learning professionals, as well as latest research on the neuroscience of human behavior change and decision making.

Matrix has trained over 40,000 (sales professionals and leaders) and works with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has held leadership positions in 4 early stage companies. One of which was sold for $30 million within the first nine months of operation.

He currently has over 7 trademarks and 2 pending patents on award winning sales enablement apps (MX Sales Coach Video Tour).

The most important thing about Todd’s background is that he has been in your shoes and has faced the day to day challenges associated with retaining key employees while driving performance.

Todd currently lives in Memphis, TN with his wife and their three children. He constantly is striving to maximize his energy packs: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Todd looks for any and all outlets that let him manifest his warrior monk tendencies. He finds sanctuary looking over the cliffs of Pickwick Lake. His family is an active contributor to Habit for Humanity.