Case Study: Drive Results by Inspiring Sales Managers to Coach

October 18, 2017

Peter Paulsen

Regional Sales Director

14:20  -  14:50
Four Seasons

Imagine a world in which you can provide your sales management team with a convenient and meaningful way to develop their teams?

Learn from a real-life case study on how to create a culture of development. In the past, effective coaching took too much time because it involved the ability to create a tailored approach via competency assessment, content creation for personalized training and then on-going reinforcement.

Join us as we hear the real-world story of how using new technology platforms can conveniently create a habit of development by automating the assessment, training and coaching in a way that inspires sales representatives and managers while also magnifying your training department’s efforts.   Learn how you can provide your sales management team with the resource for continuous development and accelerate skill adoption by using an automated system that quickly provides insight into individual and team competency development and then populates their development plans with premium content and tools necessary to coach effectively and efficiently.

Beyond class room training. Do your sales managers really will know what to coach (for individual and team development), when to coach and how to coach? Learn how one company uses a targeted and tailored approach that allows a sales team to receive focused coaching to enhance their skills and drive results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize trends on the impact of effective coaching and training reinforcement.
  • Why do your sales managers fail to coach and learn how this experience was different for a Zimmer Biomet Area Sales Director?
  • Discuss how to clone the effort of training and development teams by effectively equipping managers with the resources to coach to specific skill need.